Composite decking ideas

Composite Decking Ideas: From the Garden to the Balcony 

From garden decking to pool decking, discover a fantastic range of composite decking ideas. The perfect decking design will transform your home’s outdoor space into a welcoming and exciting place to be.


Garden Decking: Create a Seamless Transition from Home to Garden

Composite decking offers a stunning low-maintenance solution that you can get creative with and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your garden. Because these decking solutions are made from a wood-polymer blend, problems like cracks and splits in the garden deck boards will be a thing of the past, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your garden rather than spending time maintaining your decking. In terms of style, these composite decks come in a range of wood types, including maple and cedar, which you can mix and match to create your own style that complements your house and garden.



Roof Decking: Design a Relaxing Space to Enjoy the View

Roof decking is a stylish choice that makes excellent use of space while providing a cool and sophisticated place to enjoy the view of a garden or cityscape. If you have a roof terrace or balcony on your home, a composite decking solution may just be the ideal choice for you. With a selection of colours and styles available offering a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish, you’ll be free to get creative with your roof decking design. Of course, safety is also an important consideration for any composite deck, but especially roof decking. Slip-resistant boards ensure that anyone walking on them will be safe at all times.



Pool Decking: Enjoy Safe and Lasting Composite Solutions

A pool is a stylish and fun addition to any home, but it’s important to have safe and durable decking surrounding it. Whether you’ve got a hot tub or a swimming pool that needs new decking, there’s a variety of stylish and one-of-a-kind options that come in many different colours available. Also, composite pool decking doesn’t heat up as much as regular decking, making it more comfortable to walk on in hot weather when all you want to do is cool down and relax.



Take a Look at these Other Inspiring Ideas

In terms of decorative themes for your composite decking, one idea that is popular right now is mixing together the smooth and the rough. Natural objects like pebbles and stones go great with the rough edges of gravel. And, likewise, the dark and the light tones pair-off well to create a balanced look for your decking area. Other inspiring ideas to try out include fairy lights draped over dressed mirrors for a stunning night time scene, ideal for parties. A more natural look with climbing plants running up the wall is another natural way to blend the decking effectively with the garden area.


If you have a very small outdoor area, maybe because you live in a town house or flat, you could use composite decking to transform it from edge to edge into a stylish patio style garden. It would be imminently practical for small gardens and with it being more usable than grass, it might make your house feel bigger too. Add potted plants and trees to create areas of shade and interest, and set up a centrepiece as a visual focus for the garden: a bird bath, sundial, larger tree, pond or water fountain. Furthermore, your composite decking could create a pathway from the door all the way to the end of the garden, where it becomes the star of the show. There are plenty of reasons you might choose to set up this area away from the house: you could put a kids’ play area there, and keep those noisy shrieks of delight a little further from earshot as you enjoy the peace. Or you could establish an area to unwind, a private and tranquil retreat tucked behind shrubbery, far from the house, with arbours and hammocks and wind chimes.


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