How to improve and make a nice deck?

If you’re planning to add decking to any area of your garden, you’re well advised to check out the wide range of options now available for composite decking. You can create the perfect area of decking with steel, glass, railings or other composite materials, giving you an outside area that’s virtually fully protected if the weather’s bad or the sun is too powerful. Sitting outside and relaxing on your exclusive decking can be your lifestyle choice any day or night of the year when you choose to fit modern composite decking.

Bi-fold Doors

In any home with a garden; it’s important to connect indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly to create that added sense of space. Folding doors will allow in more light, which is a great asset in case you want your space to feel a bit more airy and bright. Bi-folding doors open wide in a smooth and compact fashion, opening up your home to a stunning composite decking area, which is ideal for parties and barbecues during the summer. These versatile patio doors have increased in popularity in recent years due to the excellent choice of designs that blend in perfectly with different décors and decking areas, regardless of whether it’s a roof deck or a garden deck.

bi fold doors


Deck Lights

Adding deck lights to the finished decking is a decorative feature that pays dividends when you are out in the evenings or entertaining guests. You can opt for five different colours of light with clear or frosted appearance. Turning the lights on and off is easy with the key fob supplied and deck lights will not only add style to the finished decking but illuminate the garden in the evening as well.



Glass Balustrade (with handrail)

Steel and glass balustrade comes with a top handrail that designers agree rounds off the deck design rather wonderfully. The handrail and posts are made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure that your balustrade and deck require minimal maintenance. Mixing steel and glass is another contemporary feature that adds a modern touch to any open area. A stainless steel and glass balustrade around decking provides an exclusive and modern finish to any decking, with a durable mix that needs no maintenance and will not corrode or stain.



 Glass Balustrade (no handrail)

Glass balustrades are another great safety enclosure for decking, providing wonderful views across the garden and a good complement to any style decking. The balustrade will give you an unspoiled view of your garden. You can also opt for frosted glass balustrades for added privacy.



Frameless Glass Balustrade 

If your personal tastes and preferences tend to lean towards the minimalist design spectrum, the frameless glass balustrade arrangement is going to suit you well, all the way down to the ground. The toughened glass panels are not restricted by steel rails and posts, making it possible to get the perfect finishing touch without in any way obstructing your view. If you so desire, you can also install privacy glass so that people can’t see through the decking balustrade.


Composite Railing

There are a variety of composite decking colours and matching outdoor handrails. Outdoor handrails also give an attractive finish without spoiling the view. Adding glass balustrades or cable rails can give the perfect finishing touch to your deck.



Cable Railing System

Cable railing system brings directly into your living space the latest design trends. This very contemporary deck railing solution will look awesome in practically any site, from family gardens to waterfront balconies. The beauty of it is that the simple design allows you to erect a barrier without in any way spoiling the beautiful view.
Cable railing is perfect as a handrail and barrier around your deck. If your new deck features a drop to the ground below and safety issues are a concern, cable railing provides all the safety required and won’t obstruct your views of the garden. This railing is built from marine grade stainless steel so you can be sure it won’t corrode or stain and will look as wonderful in ten years as it does on the day it’s fitted



Final Verdict

So after all is said, what deck material best suits you? To answer that question, you will need to evaluate several factors before making your decision. For example, how are you going to use the deck? Is it located in a sunny or shaded area? Do you intend to do your own deck maintenance or are you planning to hire a professional company to do the work for you? For further information click here

As such, the final decision will only be made after careful considerations and your budget allocation or limit.

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