Why is composite decking better than wood or plastic?

If you are looking to furnish your outdoor area, you might have come across a variety of decking options. But what really is the best option between composite, wood, and PVC decking options? One might consider PVC or wood-plastic composite decks because they only require a little effort to maintain.


Composite material is a hybrid of recycled plastic and wood. The final product is a dense, heavy, stain and weather resistant deck board. It hardly splinters, rots or stains. Composite decking is an appealing venture as it is maintenance free, save for the occasion washing with soap and water to remove dirt. Composite decking is sold in a variety of colours and patterns but the major ones are grey, brown and tan. The initial composite decks would fade over time but nowadays, manufacturers have designed fade-resistant composite materials. Composite decking has a quality-looking wood grain pattern which is moulded onto the surface to give a natural fibre finish.

Although there a variety of materials to choose from, composite decking options are a leading option for most homeowners. Composite decking requires a little less effort to install and maintain than PVC or wood decks. Installation of composite decks is easy as the material can be resized and bent to fit whatever place you need to install in. The flexibility of the composite material allows for bending without any special tools. PVC decks, in comparison, are more rigid. They require special tools for resizing and routing to fit in.

The composite material has a closer resemblance to natural wood. Many people like the aesthetic look of natural wood thus composite decking is more favourable as it gives a more austere look. PVC, on the other hand, have a more regular pattern unlike the irregular grain patterns and colour streaking of quality wood decks. Therefore, composite decking has a closer resemblance to wood and it is way cheaper to maintain.

Composite decking has a resistance to fade and stains. The design of composite decking is with the aim to withstand harsh weather conditions. A spectacular feature of the design of this material is its ability to weather over time to a more natural shade after installation. The weathering process enhances the austere, wood-like quality of the composite deck. These materials also have the ability to resist moisture. They cannot fade or warp due to harsh weather conditions.

Due to the weather resistance properties of composite decking, the material can withstand adverse temperatures and humidity. Therefore have a wider area of application, in comparison to other decking materials. Composite decking can withstand direct water contact and humid conditions thus allowing installation in docks, beaches or around swimming pools. The composite material is not affected adversely by extreme weather, hot or cold. With such decking, you do not have to worry about the material splitting, rotting or warping even after several years of use.

If you are looking to furnish your pool area or dock, or an outdoor area in a location prone to a lot of humidity, composite decking is the option for you. The material has better grip meaning that it has more slip resistance. With such a decking, you do not have to worry about accidents arising from falls on the surface of the decking.

A factor that has a major influence on the type of decking material to use is the cost. The initial purchase and installation cost. Most people need a material that is relatively cheaper but without compromising the quality of the material. With composite decking material, you get an affordable purchase and low costs of maintenance in comparison to wood or plastic decking materials. If it will make you feel heroic, composite is made from recycled plastic and wood thus by purchasing it; you are advancing conservation of the environment!

Composite decking has the longest durability. In comparison to wood, a composite deck can stay in perfect condition for longer even under the harshest of environmental conditions. The durability is due to the intense procedure it undergoes during manufacture.

With all these benefits, composite decking should be your number one choice!

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