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Do you have to treat composite decking

In a word no you do not have to treat composite decking like you would treat wood. You should however clean it occasionally with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to clean any dirt which has accumulated on it. You should clean your composite decking at least twice a year. Many composite decking

Composite desking types – The Good and Bad

Around ten years ago the were 8 types of composite decking on the market. Now in 2017 there are over 40 types, so how do you choose the right decking for your needs. As with many things how much you pay will affect both your choice of decking type and the quality of decking and

How to Lay Composite Decking

You have two options when it comes to laying composite decking. Hire a qualified instalation company Do it your self Hiring a decking installation company If you hire a company make sure they have a good reputation for installations and go and see one if possible or at least view examples of their work online.

Is composite decking environmentally friendly?

Building regulations have evolved over the years limiting the kind of materials you can use. Experts argue that this is in a bid to help in the fight against environmental degradation, which could be propagated through the application of certain building materials. In many countries, composite decking is something that is highly appreciated due to

Who makes the best composite decking?

Embracing composite decking is one of the ways through which you can achieve ultimate beauty and strength in your home. Timber is a product that can be used for various construction needs and decking is among top uses that most homeowners should consider. Composite decking offers an excellent outdoor flooring option that will not need further furnishing

How to clean and treat composite decking?

The best way to clean composite decking Composite decking is a low-maintenance structure, but it does require periodic attention to keep it looking its best. As the timber is outside all the time, the changing weather affects the look of the decking. Mould and mildew can take hold, as composite timber offers an ideal surface

Composite decking suppliers

Trex Trex is another popular composite decking provider. Their range of materials offers such advantages as detailed timber grains, a protective outer shell, a wide selection of colours and a resistance to fading and stains. UK Composite Decking UK Composite Decking provides a wide range of composite materials for a multitude of uses. In addition

How to lay composite decking?

Composite decking patterns There are many different ways to lay a deck and the possibilities are endless to mix and match different products and colours.   Combining two different colours can give a stunning result for composite deckings.   How to clean your composite decking? As a holiday home solution, composite decking is ideal. All you

How to design a decking area?

When you want to design an area of decking for your garden, you want to make sure that you get it right and don’t waste time, money and effort. So what are the best ways to go about it? Most DIY outlets, especially the big multiple store groups, will have their own websites that offer

Capped composite decking on the rise in the UK

After a recession-induced slump, people are making almost a complete reversal by selecting high-performance decking products that give them stress-free mind, while enjoying the outdoor living space. This is why capped composite decking can be a great alternative choice. The Transition As homeowners resort to transition by treating their decks less as location to simply store for barbecue