How to Lay Composite Decking

You have two options when it comes to laying composite decking.

  1. Hire a qualified instalation company
  2. Do it your self

Hiring a decking installation company

If you hire a company make sure they have a good reputation for installations and go and see one if possible or at least view examples of their work online. You can also do some research online. Just search on Google for their company name followed by reviews. This should display reviews of their company. Do not go to their website for reviews but look at third party websites which will give an unbiased opinion of their work.

Do it yourself

When you take delivery of your composite decking boards, it is recommended you leave them a day or two to adjust to your local temperature.

The first think you need to do is build a supporting structure that the boards will be fixed to. This will need to be flat and a stable structure. It is normally recommended not to have more than 40cm between supporting joists, but you should always refer to the installation instructions which came with your decking boards.

You should leave a gap of around 8cm between the joists and any fixed object such as a wall to allow for good drainage and expansion due to temperature.

When it comes to fixing your composite decking to the joists you can either use screws or clips depending on the decking design. If you are using screws you should drill a pilot whole of about 4mm to avoid mushrooming of the material around the screw head.

Some composite decking surfaces may be grained so will need to be installed in the same direction.

The gap between boards should be around 3mm to 5mm again check with your installation instructions. Once you have finished lying your complete decking all that remains to be done is the edging, and this will depend on the decking type you have and the manufacture you have selected.

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