Capped composite decking on the rise in the UK

After a recession-induced slump, people are making almost a complete reversal by selecting high-performance decking products that give them stress-free mind, while enjoying the outdoor living space. This is why capped composite decking can be a great alternative choice.


The Transition

As homeowners resort to transition by treating their decks less as location to simply store for barbecue and more as outdoor rooms, designs are evolving, new materials are required to meet the ever growing demand. This has resulted in a huge increase in wood alternative products. Improved and high performing composite materials allow these complex decking designs to last longer regardless of the weather.
Today, 90% of the UK and the United States companies’ sales are composite. People have shockingly changed; it is about time not money anymore. In fact, it is not a unique experience; nobody wants to spend their free time maintaining a wooden deck. We cannot deny that pressure-treated wood is on high demand, but the demand for composite decking is growing faster than the decking industry average rate.


The Quality of the Composites

However, with quick-growing markets, homeowners must be sure that they trust the products they are using. A product failure can bring financial loss and damage reputation of any home. So, it is essential that homeowners find established manufacturers whose products they can rely on. Because of the poor performances of the earlier generation of composite decking materials, manufacturers are currently using advanced techniques to ensure the durability of their new composites before they are launched: accelerated UV exposure and prolonged thaw or freeze cycle.


The Innovation

The improved UV inhibitors and quality pigment packages used in composite decking boards help in combating moisture and UV that break down most exterior building products. Some composite deck brands can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater and are still protected by a lifetime warranty. Using moisture and UV resistant boards can reinforce the surface of any deck and give homeowners nothing to worry about when spending time in the outdoor space with their families and friends. Innovation in the building industry is taking a drastic change with enhancement in products, processes and systems. By incorporating composite decking technology, your home can gain competitive advantage and improve both reputation and profit.


The Market Projections

Others in the industry say that the synthetic/composite decking has low-maintenance requirements as the reason for their comeback, which sank significantly after the Euro crisis. It is now projected to grow by 5.5% a year through to 2017, compared to four per cent overall in the industry.

The increased wages and low unemployment have bolstered consumer confidence, and this has translated to more home sales: extra spending, and an increase in household formations. Deck size is increasing, and large decks require boards with longer spans. That is why there is a dramatic turn towards composite decking at the higher end. According to Van Kouteren, a principle at Principia, composite decking is likely to enjoy the historic 25% of the market share within three years.

Capped boards account to over 70% of the composite sales, up from 45% in 2014. Uncapped, which claimed about 40% of the market in 2014, went down to about 10 percent since then, according to Principia research 2016. Costly, wood free PVC decking is also expected to settle between 20 and 25% of the market, down from 15% as many homeowners in the UK continue to embrace composite decking.


The Right Choice

Composite decking provides the industry with materials that offer a low-maintenance features at different aesthetic options and price points. The manufacturers always add an extra layer of protection to the composite board with transferable lifetime warranty. These decking products can be installed underwater, in the ground or on the ground. Unfortunately, consumers only look at the wood upfront and think it looks amazing, and they do not want to know what happens over time. Make the right choice and have an excellent outdoor area!

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