Composite desking types – The Good and Bad

Around ten years ago the were 8 types of composite decking on the market. Now in 2017 there are over 40 types, so how do you choose the right decking for your needs.

As with many things how much you pay will affect both your choice of decking type and the quality of decking and how long it will last.

A good quality composite decking installed correctly should last over 20 years, and we have seen some decking from Trex UK which has a 25 year warranty. This type of composite decking is at the top end of the market, but also comes with additional fade and stain warranty.

At the other end of the market is decking sold by the likes of B & Q which can be plastic decking or composite decking with varying reviews. We have seen reviews on their website which state they are good, but also reviews with photos that state that splits appeared after only 7 months. You can install composite decking yourself however it may pay to have it installed by a specialist company.

Plastic decking Vs Composite decking

Plastic decking which is 100% recyclable and can look like wood, however it can have other problems such as expanding and contract in some climates, also in very sunny areas it can get very hot to walk on, but plastic decking is still virtually maintenance free.

Composite decking as the name suggests uses a combination of plastic and wood fibers. With the latest technologies you can also get a wide variety of colours and textures. The premium products also have colour all the way through the boards which helps with fade resistance and any scratches that may occur.

At the end of the day the choice of composite decking is a personal choice, but we would suggest getting a sample of decking being offered and talk to past customers of any company you plan to use.

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